This site is for woodland creatures like hares, foxes, mushrooms, and so on. For me drawing and painting these creatures is a joy. I hope you like them as much as I like making them.

I’m educated as an architect. But my main profession is an illustrator.  As a child, one of my favorite ways of playing was drawing. I was influenced by animations, cartoons, and among others, encyclopedias. I love watching nature documents.

I love animals. So, I paint and draw these little creatures. I’ve been a pro illustrator for over twenty years. Now I want to do something my own. In harritarkka.com is my other stuff. Please visit if you want to dive deeper into my world

I start by sketching with a pencil. My technique involves drafting an initial painting at a small size and then processing and painting them digitally. The final artworks are hand-painted, printed, and hand-painted, often with acrylics and oils, with highlights and fades.

As an illustrator, I am a senior scientist. I have practiced illustrations for almost 30 years. I have also done a lot of exhibition design for various museums. The illustration side has been pretty much across the board varying from children’s books to women’s magazines and everything in between and over. Interesting is to do specific illustrations for companies and businesses, you get to use different processes and various visual ways to get the message across. Most stretching and inspiring illustrations, for example, have been the Space Freaks board game for Toad King’s. And then I go from there to illustrate sergeant Napalm (a Finnish superhero) comic stuff every now and then. My hobbies are spearfishing and underwater rugby (as an old and slow striker). Today, I focus on painting and running my print shop in my workshop with two carcasses of motorcycles side by side with my art in perfect harmony.